Mazda 3 MPS

Mazda 3 MPS Aero

First day

  Posted on 10th September

Just a quick posting of the pictures of my lovely 57 reg Mazda3 MPS Aero.

A brief stop around the corner from the dealer to adjust the seat etc. and to get the first photo's of the beastie.

Mazda3 MPS Aero

18" wheels as standard

Mazda3 MPS Aero Mazda3 MPS Aero

At it's new home.

Mazda3 MPS Aero Mazda3 MPS Aero Mazda3 MPS Aero Mazda3 MPS Mazda3 MPS Aero

Of course the most important thing to do within 30 mins of getting the car home is to swap the orange indicator bulbs. Luckily the ones I removed from the Swift fit the rear of the Mazda3.

Mazda3 MPS Aero Mazda3 MPS Aero

Also the dealership sticker has gone from the rear window. Plus the dealer tax disc holder was taken off and replaced with my black Richbrook one (also nabbed from the Swift before sale)

Mazda3 MPS Aero Mazda3 MPS Aero

First look

 Posted on 3rd September

I'd been enquiring about a lot of MPSs before I found a 57 reg on the internet. This was the ideal age car, but for some reason they were no other 57's. This one had around 2400 miles on it and was a year old on 1st September. After a trip to the dealer we agreed on a price to change, including the Swift.

Mazda3 MPS Aero Mazda3 MPS Aero Mazda3 MPS Aero Mazda3 MPS Aero

Goodbye Swift

 Posted on 31st August

We decided that we'd had enough of being good and economical (and slow), and so it was time for the Swift to go.

One car that I have always had in mind is the Nissan 350Z, we'd sat in one at the Motorshow when they first came out and we both liked it, particularly in blue with the Nismo kit :). I found one locally and we went to have a look. Both were disappointed with the interior, so now I wasn't sure what to look at.

In the same building as the 350Z was a Ford Focus ST, and out of curiosity I had a look at it. We were both surprised that we liked the interior, it was quite roomy too. We took it for a test drive and one poor salesman accidentally drove a Porsche Cayenne into the reception desk to allow the ST out. The drive was better than expected, quite quick, handling was OK, but the experience felt a bit 'raw' but not in a good way. They did offer a good part-ex deal on the Swift, but I wanted to have another drive of the Mazda 6 MPS.

Also discounted from the list was an M3 (why are BMW interiors so awful?) and an Audi A6 and TT.

Next was a drive to Peterborough, where they had a Mazda 6 MPS for us and also a Mazda3 MPS. I wanted to drive the Mazda 6 MPS again as I had been slightly disappointed with the handling on my last test drive. There was no fuel in it, so they offered us the chance to take the Mazda3 MPS out while they popped to the garage. It was a red non-Aero model, but the moment the guy drove it out onto the forecourt I loved the shape. Once seated in the cock-pit I exclaimed that I loved the car and had to have one, even before I'd driven it!

The drive was brilliant and I knew this was the car for us. Back at the dealer they told us there was an 'Aero' version - so we took that out too! Much preferred this model and I think the lower suspension improved the handling.