My Kawasaki Ninja 250R (EX250)

Kawasaki Ninja 250R

After a break from biking we have opted for something smaller. I had been looking at various 250 and 400 bikes. I tried a CBR400 but that felt quite stretched out, whereas I felt cramped on the VFR400 (I'm 5' 4").
Recent internet searches had turned up the 250 Ninja, and although not a sports bike fan I decided to take a look at one.

The local dealer had one, but wouldn't allow a test ride. I pointed out that how could I buy a bike if I didn't know what it rode like?
I found another example fairly locally and they did allow a test ride.

Test Ride

Aug 09, 2009
I'd been looking forward to this as I'd not ridden for quite a while and the baby Ninja just looked so appealing. First impression upon sitting on the bike was that it was comfortable, seat was a good height and width and the handlebars were in 'the right place', not too far away and not making you sit too upright.

The bike was started and I was surprised how good it sounded, much more meatier than I was expecting, as I rode away the bike felt smooth. Once out on the open road the Ninja was sure footed and flowed nicely around the bends. I sped up to 60 mph and the 250R began feeling quite 'buzzy' and I noticed the lack of power compared with my previous bikes, but this is to be expected. There was plenty of acceleration in low gears, however I was mostly concerned with the vibration coming through the pegs, but this probably isn't too unusual for a small twin.

After a few minutes I realised that I was actually enjoying myself and I had travelled quite far from the bike shop and that it might be a good idea if I went back! I eventually spotted a lay-by on the opposite side of the road and the little Ninja was no trouble to do a U-turn into the lay-by and then out the other side.

On returning to the shop I could help grinning, and was so pleased with the experience that I insisted that my partner had a ride too. After which we ended up buying both Ninja 250Rs in the shop. After our previous naked-bikes it was astounding that we both liked the sports bike.

Bikes will be ready next Sunday.


The best-selling Kawasaki sports bike in America is not the ZX-6R you might expect, or the ZX-10R - a mad missile if ever there was one. Even calmer stablemates with mass-market appeal, such as our own long-term ER-6f, fail to sell as many over there as the little 250R Ninja.

First Day

Aug 16, 2009
Slightly nervous but the bike performed well. Managed to stretch a 22 mile journey out to 50 miles.

Kawasaki/MRA double bubble screen

Decided to get a double bubble screen to try and help with the wind blast. Looked at quite a few before deciding on the one from Kawasaki. Once unwrapped I discovered that they were made by MRA, which was a style I had previously disregarded based on the internet pictures.
However, the screens look brilliant and fits quite well.



New Tyres

Aug 14, 2010
The bike went in for its service and had Pirelli Sport Demons fitted front and rear, I've never been happy with the IRC Roadwinner tyres (who?) fitted as standard.

Despite the rain it was still a good ride there and back and the bike felt much better for the service.

I still love this bike, it might "only" be a 250 but its so much fun to ride and it also stops me from going too fast!!