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Mazda 6 MPS information and test drive


Mazda6 MPS

The Mazda 6 MPS was launched in 2006, admittedly I wasn't aware of it and I like to think I'm fairly car-model-aware. (Maybe I missed an episode of Top Gear?). The engine used for the 6 MPS is the 2.3 litre 4 cylinder, also found on the Sport version of the 6, however the Direct Injection Spark Ignition setup gains a turbocharger in the MPS.

My first introduction to this car was spotting one in a local supermarket car park, where I thought "hang on, that looks different, and nice. After some web-searching I started to find out more about it, culminating in a test-drive.


Mazda6 MPS

The exterior of the Mazda 6 MPS is reminiscent of a Holden or maybe a Mustang, with the buldge-upon-bulge bonnet styling, the alloys look difficult to clean with all those spokes and the back looks great with the use of black paneling and twin exhaust pipes (which on closer inspection reveal two titchy pipes hidden inside - shame).


Mazda6 MPS

The MZR 2.3 litre turbocharged engine, with top-mounted charge cooler will create 256bhp at 5500rpm and peak torque of 280 lb/ft at 3000rpm, with this you can expect to get from 0 to 62mph in around 6.6sec (although my local dealer reckons he's done it in less). If you're fairly careful you can expect around 27mpg, however if you are like me and can't ease off the loud pedal then consumption is more likely to be sub-twenty. The M6 also has a brand new 6 speed manual 'box, with wider gear ratios to full make use of all the power.

Also of note is the "Active Torque Split" all-wheel-drive system and the limited slip differential borrowed from the RX8. The AWD can divert up to 50% of the power to the rear wheels.


Mazda6 MPS

Leather seats and centre arm rest, triple vents on the centre console (why??), red illuminated dials, display, climate control, cup holders (2), bose sound system, cruise control, alloy pedals, MPS badge over glove box.

Test drive

 Posted on 3rd September

Test Drive

First off, it's comfy, the leather sports seats hold you well and my tall-ish partner was happy with the lower seating position too - so no head-to-roof-lining interaction. The steering wheel is height and rake adjustable, and you feel well positioned in the car.

Once the ignition is on you're really not sure whether it really is, the idle on the 6 is sooo quiet! The turbo kicks in around 3500rpm, but you can comfortably drive below this, even on the dual carriage-way, I'm not sure whether keeping below 3500 might help with the consumption?

After a few miles I decided to stick my foot down and find out what the turbo was like, the power delivery was smooth and not a shock to the system, however I did feel that hard acceleration in second gear made the front feel light.