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There has been a lot of debate about whether Collinite 476 or 915 is better.
I had been looking to change some of my detailing products and Collinite always seems to come up in discussions as a great wax, durable and glossy.
After a lot of deliberation I opted for the 476 only to then buy the 915 because it was in the for-sale section of DW!

Being the saddo that I am, I couldn't wait to try it on one of the cars, so after washing the Signum I applied a layer to the bonnet and waited for it to dry. I wasn't really expecting much from this wax, but once I'd buffed off the residue I was surprised by how glossy the finish was.

After this I couldn't resist doing the bonnet of the MPS - again with good results. Can't wait to use the Collinite on the rest of the car :-)

It's been quite a wait, but on Saturday (8th Nov) I was finally able to get a coat of the Collinite on the whole of the car. I'm impressed with the finish. Pictures of the car here - Pure MPS forum