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In order of abrasiveness (highest first)

  • Menzerna Power Gloss S 34 A
  • Menzerna Intensive Polish PO85RD3.02
  • Menzerna Final Finish PO106FF
  • Menzerna Final Finish PO85RD
Comments about these products:

If you're not using a PTG, I wouldn't even entertain the idea of using Power Gloss to be honest. Given that your car is rather new, I can't imagine that you'll have terribly bad swirling/oxidation or other defects.

The 85RD doesn't have terribly much cutting action as it is more a finishing polish. To correct swirls, I'd be tempted to start with the 106FF and see what results that brings. If that isn't sufficient correction, then go with the 3.02. I'm pretty confident that 3.02 will get any defects out that you may come across. Then be sure to finish with whatever you have done with the RD. This'll bring a deep gloss to the paintwork.

Menzerna Power Gloss S 34 A

The most aggressive of the Menzerna polishes

Menzerna Intensive Polish PO85RD3.02

Probably the best one to use for occasional correction. Not as harsh as the Power Gloss

Menzerna Final Finish PO106FF

Lighter correction than the 3.02

Menzerna Final Finish PO85RD

Gives a glossy finish