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Clearkote Moose's

  • Clearkote Yellow Moose Wax
  • Clearkote Red Moose Wax
Comments about these products:

Red Moose is more filler heavy than the Yellow Cream Wax - if you are looking for some fillers then the Red Moose is the way to go, and then follow with a wax. The Yellow Cream Wax I find better suited to after correction work where it can act as a pure glaze very similar to #7 from Meguiars.

The yellow has no wax in it (according to the descriptions on our traders' sites that sell it anyway) - the Vanilla moose hand glaze does have a small element of wax to it, but I wouldn't want to rely that as a stand alone LSP, it would still need topping up with something else.

YCW = Glaze/Wax NOT an LSP
RMG = Glaze no abrasives
VMHG = Glaze/Wax WITH abrasives not an LSP
MW = All in one
Dark car = RMG, two coats YCW, Two coats of CMW
Light car = VMHG, Two coats of CMW