Lancer Evolution / Lancer Ralliart Comparison

Despite sharing the name Lancer, the current Evolution and Ralliart are quite different.
The Evo X is the first of the Lancer family to be specifically built to be a 4WD car, as opposed to being a modified version of the standard Lancer. The new Lancer Ralliart falls into the latter category and is actually a FWD car modified to be 4WD.

Apart from the obvious external differences, others include:

Lancer Ralliart Evo X
Single Scroll turbo
less lag & less power
Twin scroll turbo
more lag & more power
Smaller intercooler Larger Intercooler
Airbox at rear of engine bay Airbox at front of engine bay
Battery located in engine bay Battery located in boot
SST modes: Normal or Sport SST modes: Normal or Sport or Supersport