Suzuki Swift Enhancements

June 20 , 2008

Finally succumbed to tinted windows - rears are 20% and back windscreen is 10%. Looks dark from the outside, but still easy to see out of.
Suzuki Swift DDiS  

Mar. 30 , 2008

Car is nice and clean and treated to some XXX Wax, also got the urge to de-badge the rear.
Suzuki Swift DDiS   Suzuki Swift DDiS
Suzuki Swift DDiS
Suzuki Swift DDiS   Suzuki Swift DDiS

Mar. 26 , 2008

Splitters fitted. Car needs a wash though.
Suzuki Swift DDiS   Suzuki Swift DDiS

Mar. 04 , 2008

Armrest arrived from Hong Kong in a week. Very easy to fit, slots into the rear cup holder and secures with four screws.
Suzuki Swift DDiS   Suzuki Swift DDiS

Feb. 26, 2008

I said I wasn't going to modify the Swift, but sometimes there are things you just have to have. I've called this section enhancements, as that's what I see these as, rather than out-and-out mods.


The Philips Silvervision and Osram Nightbreakers have already been fitted. There is some improvement from the Nightbreakers, more light and whiter, but I don't think you can do much to else to improve the lights apart from getting HIDs or the projector style headlights.
Suzuki Swift DDiS


Front splitters arrived on Friday, need to be sprayed and fitted.


The Dragon Performance tuning box arrived last Thursday, I went to install it on Saturday to find that the provided loom did not match the common rail connectors.


On it's way from Hong Kong is the arm-rest. Usually £87 from dealers, but at current USD exchange rate, mine works out to be about £30. Suzuki Swift DDiS   Suzuki Swift DDiS

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