Door panel, polishing test

Feb. 6 , 2008

I've been desparate to start polishing the car up, but these short evenings don't give you a lot of time. As a test I set about doing just the drivers door.

Firstly the car was washed with Auto Glym Body Conditioning Shampoo, not something I normally use but I wanted to ensure that any product previously applied was removed. During washing the clay bar was used.

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Suzuki Swift DDiS   Suzuki Swift DDiS
Results from rear offside door and roof, then front offside wing.

Suzuki Swift DDiS
Results from nearside.

Paint before work

Suzuki Swift DDiS   Suzuki Swift DDiS
'Holograms' again.


Suzuki Swift DDiS
My first half'n'half picture!
First pass was done with green Cyclo pads and AG SRP


Suzuki Swift DDiS   Suzuki Swift DDiS
Door looks swirl and scratch free.
Chemical Guys Ez-glaze applied after buffing off SRP.

Suzuki Swift DDiS
Note 'holograms' on back door, compared to front.

Suzuki Swift DDiS
Door finished and trim treated with Meguiars Endurance Gel.
Just the rest of the car to do now!