Bonnet & Boot

Feb. 13 , 2008

After the success of the door I didn't want to wait much longer before doing some more restoration. The car was looking pretty dirty after our holiday and after giving it a wash I couldn't resist getting the Biltema out.

These looked worse than the door so I decided to use the stronger orange Cyclo pads.

The mist was coming down by the time I took these, so the finish is obscured by the flash reflecting off the water-droplets.

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Before work

Suzuki Swift DDiS  
This picture really shows off how bad the paint is, the whole car is in this condition.

Suzuki Swift DDiS   Suzuki Swift DDiS

Suzuki Swift DDiS

After work

Suzuki Swift DDiS   Suzuki Swift DDiS
Pics spoilt by mist, but holograms are gone.