Poor paintwork

Feb. 4, 2008

I'm not sure how the previous owner went about washing the car (scotch-pad?), but the paintwork is in really bad condition, very hazy with lots of swirls and 'holograms'. I have taken some pictures of the body as best I can, including a trip to Asda to make use of their lighting!

I have done two test patches using the Biltema and some Super Resin Polish from AutoGlym, early indications are good. The first pass was done using green Cyclo pads (for light action), and for some of the worst bits I used the orange ones (stronger cutting), I am very pleased to say that this has been successful. In fact you can now see that this is actually metallic paint, with multi-coloured flake, I'm looking forward to being able to do the whole car.

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Suzuki Swift DDiS  Suzuki Swift DDiS
You can see 'holograms' across the bonnet

Suzuki Swift DDiS  Suzuki Swift DDiS  Suzuki Swift DDiS
Holograms and hazy paint on the door pillars.

Suzuki Swift DDiS  Suzuki Swift DDiS 
'Scratchy' looking front wing and badly hologrammed rear wing.

Test polishing

Suzuki Swift DDiS  Suzuki Swift DDiS 
First test patch was the rectangluar area under the tail light, the shine on this is impressive with no sign of holograms. On close inspection you can see the multi-coloured flake.

Suzuki Swift DDiS 
Second test was done between quarter window and boot, much better but would improve with application of other products (glaze, wax etc.)