Step by step guide to uploading games

Unfortunately transferring Games via Data Cables is slightly complicated, and requires you to install a number of applications on your computer. A Step-by-Step Guide is provided below:

Firstly a Program called PST is required to activate a hidden menu item called "Java App Loader" on your phone. Then using a Program called Midway you will be able to transfer games to your phone via this new Menu.

Step 1: PST 6.7 + Patch

You will need a Programme called PST 6.7 . You will require the original PST 6.7 and the patch for PST (Which adds USB support).
These files are available here... ( on Google)

Unzip PST 6.7 and install the programme (Taking note of the installation directory). Restart your computer if required. Now unzip the patch and Copy-n-Paste all the files from the patch into the same folder as the main prgramme was installed. When asked if your sure you want to overight the files select "Yes to all". A more detailed discription with Screenshots is available here)

Step 2: Install PST Phone Drivers

Plug your mobile and data cable into your computer and run the PST programme. Your computer should detect your Mobile as a new device and will start asking for new drivers. When prompted for these drivers enter the directory of the PST programme e.g. C:\Program Files\Motorola\PST\p2kman_pst\ as PST comes with all the necessary drivers.

Step3: Enabling Java App loader

PST and all the necessary drivers hould now have been installed. Run PST (if it's not already open) and select New file from the Menu, then Kjava. You should now be presented with a screen with a disabled button to the right saying "Enable/Disable Java App Loader Menu". Above these buttons should be an icon of a phone with a question mark, click on this and after a few seconds the buttons on the PST screen should become enabled. (Search on Google for "kjava PST" if you have problems.). Click on this Button and the PST programme will install a new menu item onto your Phone called "Java App loader" in Menu --> Settings --> Java Settings.
The Java App loader will enable you to transfer Games to your mobile using a programme from Motorola Called Midway (Midway 2.8).

Step 4: Midway v2.8

Now you will need to download a programme called Midway 2.8.

You may need to put the correct comm port settings into midway, this involves locating the COMM port number to which your phone has been assigned. You can either do this through trial and error (Try comm 3 , comm 4) or goto your computers device settings menu and look up the Comm port number.

Step 5: Uploading Games

Firstly a few comments on the files and formats of java Games:
There are two types of files offered with java games: .JAR Files and .JAD files. Jar files contain the actual game and all it's data. JAD files are simply a small file containing settings and a description of the game (open one up in a text editor to see for your yourself). If your game did not come with a .JAD file (like the free games on this site) then use a programme such as JADMaker which will automatically generate the Jad file from your Jar file.

  1. With your phone unplugged, In you phones menu goto: Settings --> Java Settings, Then click on the new 'Java App Loader' Menu item. You will be asked to plug in the data cable and then a message such as "JAL Link is Active..." should appear.
  2. Load Midway 2.8 and select Load Jad from the menu. Now select the JAD file associated with the game you want to upload, the file description should now appear in Midway.
  3. Select Send JAD and Midway should connect to your phone and start to transfer the game to your phone.
  4. Once download is complete your phone will prompt you to install the game or app.