HTC Touch Modifications

The mods listed below have been tried out by me and all work, unless otherwise stated.

Messenger contacts not showing as online

XDA Elf forum

Create New SMS shortcut

New SMS in programs on HTC Touch Create a text file and pit in it -
20#"\Windows\tmail.exe"-service "SMS" -to "" -body ""
rename file to .lnk
Put file into \Windows\Start menu\Programs on the Touch, you can then browse for it in programs

Unlock your HTC Touch

Yes, you can unlock your HTC Touch and make it Sim free! ⇒ XDA Elf Forum
Download the zip in the link above, then -
1) Follow the Instructions.txt given in the zip package.
2) Switch off your HTC
3) Remove the SIM and insert a new SIM with other operator
4) Switch on
5) It will ask for the Unlock code, Enter the eight digit code besides your IMEI

The eight-character code beside the IMEI number in the EXE file is your unlock code.

If you are having trouble spotting your unlock code in the hex, this might help


IMEI NO: 355046859657892


The 8 DIGIT code would be 61619895.

Change your weather location

Solution one

New SMS in programs on HTC TouchUsing MRE or similar, find


then enter the code for your location, my default was EUR|UK|UK001|LONDON

look on

enter your location then use the codes from the end of the URL e.g. ...loccode=EUR|UK|UK187|Northampton

However this didn't work. There have been suggestions on the net to use EUR|UK|UK001|cityname rather than the other UK code, e.g. UK187
Which I tried and the weather on the HTC matched the weather on AccuWeather, also don't forget to change the value of 'Location' to match where the weather is coming from. Of course, if you select a different city you will need to repeat the process again.

Solution two

Alternatively you can add additional cities to the location list. Copy the HH_0409_WeatherCities.xml from the Windows folder on the Touch to your PC. Add the extra cities following the format of the others, then copy the file back. Now you can select the new city from the list on the Touch. city name="Northampton, UK" locationcode="EUR|UK|UK001|Northampton"