Is Swagbucks legit or a scam?

Is Swagbucks legit or a scam?

  August 2016

I've wondered that too, it sounds like another of those 'make money online' scams.

The idea is that you do online surveys or watch videos or install apps on your device or make purchases from regular sites in return for points or 'Swagbucks'.
You don't have to do all of these, so you can choose to do the ones you're most comfortable with.

Once you have accumulated some Swagbucks you can exchange them for gift cards, like PayPal, Amazon, John Lewis, iTunes, Steam, XBox Live, there are loads to choose from. Some work out better value than others.

You're still waiting to see whether Swagbucks is a scam or legit aren't you, well it is legit. No, really, it is. I've been using Swagbucks on and off since 2012 and there has been a lot of improvement in how you can earn in that time.

I'm not affiliated with Swagbucks in any way and if you have a look around my sites you'll see that I only write about things I'm interested in, normally cars and motorbikes!

You can rack up Swagbucks fairly easily and rather than spending time squashing sweeties on your device (you know the game I mean ;-) ) you could instead be rewarded for your time on the internet instead.

How to earn Swagbucks and giftcards
(You can do all or some of these tasks.)

  April 2017

The bulk of my Swagbucks come from doing Gold Surveys or Peanut Labs surveys. Secondly there is Swagbucks TV and thirdly there is the daily to-do list which will net you a few more. There are also other ways to earn but these are the three I prefer.

Daily To-Do list

This changed in August 2016 to be the following, some items will earn Swagbucks and if you complete 6 out of 7 you earn some additional SB (Swagbucks).

  • 1. Daily Poll (vote)
  • 2. Daily Crave - watch the 3 videos they suggest
  • 3. Daily Search - use the search box on the site
  • 4. Daily Watch - this can be done via the Swagbucks website or as I prefer, through SBTV on my mobile device
  • 5. Daily Discover - normally means buying something or signing up, but there are surveys too. Some sign ups credit without you needing to purchase.
  • 6. Daily Attempt a Gold Survey - if you are disqualified froma survey you will get this item ticked off, it's still ticked if you complete a survey.
  • 7. Deal of the Day - simply click the link to complete this task
  • 8. Complete a Gold Survey - do a survey (or several if you like), Peanut Labs surveys also count.

Surveys (I actually like doing some of these)

Surveys reward you with Swagbucks in exchange for you giving your honest opinion. Most are multiple choice, some require you to watch a video or look at pictures. It's really straightforward. Sometimes you may not meet the requirements - wrong age, area, job - and you won't be able to proceed, often you are compensated with a Swagbuck or two in these instances.
It's best to be honest, it's no good making things up like you've got 12 cats, a dog and a hippo living at home and you fly to the moon for a living as you've got to remember all that for the duration of the survey. Also you don't usually know what they are a looking for so you may meet their criteria by being truthful anyway, they may not want to hear from hippo owners.
The 'trusted' surveys are Gold Surveys and Peanut Labs, these don't ask you for much personal info. Other surveys can be found in the Discover section of the website - for instance under Trial Pay - but these often want full name, address and telephone number.

Watch videos (You don't have to watch the whole time)

Watch I do is have SBTV running on my phone while doing surveys on another device. You are rewarded with Swagbucks for watching a number of videos. You don't have to sit and watch each one, just check occasionally as sometimes an ad pops up in-between videos and you'll need to close it for the next video to play. There is a maximum limit of 10 SB per day for this, but sometimes you are awarded a bonus where you can watch x more videos for y more SB.


Really simple, just use the search box on the SB website, you will randomly be awarded bucks for search. If its a special occasion like Halloween or Christmas you can 'find' collectors bills when searching. Collectors bills pop up at the top of the search results and you are awarded extra bucks.

Shop as normal

I haven't done this yet, but if you visit your regular online shop via the Swagbucks website you will be rewarded with Swagbucks against your purchase. It works the same as a cash-back site like TopCashback, except you get Swagbucks instead of cash - but then you can swap Swagbucks for giftcards anyway.


These are special codes which are valid for a few hours each day, keep an eye on the Twitter feed on the right for news about the codes, make sure you enter the code on the website before it expires.
Note that some codes are valid only for UK, USA, Canada, or a mixture of these. E.g. a USA code won't work on the UK Swagbucks page. If you find a code, click on 'Swag Code' at the top of the Swagbucks website and enter the code in the box.

Play games

Earn Swagbucks for playing online games - I've not tried this either.

It's not scary

It's not scary, yes, some surveys ask for the area you live in and your age, but you're just a demographic to them and the data from surveys is aggregated, so that they can look at the survey results and say "x number of 18-30 year olds who rent their house prefer pizza to horse-riding" or some such statistic.
Signing up to Swagbucks is free and often you are rewarded with Swagbucks for signing up. No, they don't want your bank details or your shoe size.

I hope this page has been of help to you, it is has please sign up using my referral link.