Yamaha MT07 MotoCage


seat height

2015 Yamaha MT-07 (aka FZ-07)

Yamaha’s MT-07 is powered by an inline twin with 689cc, this and it’s bigger MT-09 brother are replacing the Fazer and Diversion models. The MT-07 is currently a naked bike but the rumours look good that there’ll be a Tracer version, as with the MT-09.

It’s not a bad looking bike and the Moto Cage version gives you lots of extra bits, such as red radiator end caps and engine bars, as well as a different pillion seat and a funny piece of plastic screwed to the tank. It was this version that I got to try, the seat is narrow and you can get your feet down near the bike, the downside with the Moto Cage was that the right engine bar dug in to my leg. The seating position and handle bars are quite neutral with the bars not being too wide.

The aim is to get a test ride on this. Apparently there’s a reasonable wind screen that can be added to the MT-09 to give decent wind protection, so hopefully one will exist for the MT-07.

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