2015 Triumph Street Triple R


seat height

2015 Triumph Street Triple

We'd been very much looking forward to test riding the Triumph Street Triple as this was proported to be the best of both worlds, by mixing up the characteristics of a parallel twin and a four cylinder.

The seat was definitely one of the most comfortable we'd sat on. We took out a standard Triple and the Triple Rx, the latter having a slightly higher seat and without my Daytona Lady Pilots I would not have been able to make contact with the ground.

It is worth noting that the mirrors are pretty useless and the worst of any bike we've riden. Although the arms pivot on the handlebars, the fine adjustment of the mirror itself is very similar to old manual car mirrors where you had to push the glass within the assembly. Despite repeated attempts the angle of the glass didn't seem to change and the mirror would stick resolutely to it's original position.

Taking off up the road makes it immediately apparent that this bike likes to go! A slight throttle twists results in a great dollop of speed, conversely a pull on the brake creates lots of stopping force. This didn't make for a pleasant ride as there didn't seem to be any middle ground between not moving and hairing up the road. It's down to rider preference, but the Street Triple was soon returned to the dealer, who mentioned that other rides had described the bike as 'too aggressive' The only neat trick on the Triumph was the aftermarket quick shifter, which allowed upward gear changes without the throttle.

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