Honda CBF100F adjustable seat height

795mm +15mm
adjustable seat height

2015 Honda CBF1000F

In 2014 Honda changed the seat on the CBF1000F to be 3-height adjustable, from the 2-height adjustable seat on the previous version. This is a bag advantage as there's no additional cost involved in getting the lowest seating position.
The CBF1000F is powered by the same engine as the 1000RR Fireblade, but with better mid range.

With the seat set at 795mm this was one of the lowest bikes I had sat on, I could almost flat-foot with both feet down. The seating position is upright giving you good road visibility as well as making you easier to see too. I found the bars to be a little bit of a stretch for my short arms but I think this could be rectified by loosening the bar-clamp and rotating the bars towards me very slightly.

The weight is fairly low down and the bike does not feel top heavy, however on the test ride day there was only a drop of fuel in the tank. The Honda crusies nicely and responds to the throttle in a nice manner with no surprises, however a big twist of the accelerator will remind you that it's a 1000 Fireblade engine.

Another benefit of the CBF is the multi-position adjustable windscreen, to change it you need to stop and stand in front of the bike and wiggle the screen up or down to the next notch. I tried the lowest, highest and middle positions but none of these alleviated the howl of the wind around my lid. I don't know if this is a shorty issue or whether taller rides also suffer.

During the test ride I felt quite 'big and tall' due to the seating position, the engine was lovely and smooth and you had to make a concious effort to make it accelerate hard. Cornering wasn't as natural as on other bikes and I felt that the CBF needed some persuasion, but once this was achieved the bike cornered very capably. You would probably need to ride the bike faster to make it more fun. It seems very sensibile and comfy and would be idea for long journeys. Unfortuantely the HOnda is also a bit dull in the looks department and this wasn't helped by the metallic grey of the demo bike.

This is a nice bike and something I would consider purchasing, if the wind noise could be rectified.

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