Honda CBR650F


seat height

2015 Honda CB650F and CBR650F

We've had Hondas before (CB500, CB750 and CB600 Hornet) and had been avoiding trying anything similar to these, but having tried most other middle-sized motorbikes it seemed that we need to take this out, 'just to see'.

Both bikes share the same seat height, which is narrower at the front, allowing them to be a contender for us. We did both note that the CB650F felt wider and I think this is due to the rummer 'block' on the tank. Even in trainers I could get enough of my toe-down in the shop to consider taking them out, with the Daytonas on it was even better.

Having riden Ninjas for the last four or five years, the naked Honda really threw us, as it felt like you were sitting on the front on the bike, scrunched right up to the handlebars. This may just be because I'm shorter and need to sit further forward to reach everyhing. The bars on the CB are quite wide and the mirrors are pretty close to the rider. Not to my liking. The CBR650F presented a much better (familiar) position, by being not-too-upright and not-too-sporty (the baby-bears porridge of bikes).

Obviously the naked bike didn't offer any wind protection, but surprisingly there was very little buffeting and more of an even amount of air hitting you all over. You could cruise at 65-70 before it started to get tiresome. Wind protection from the CBR was very good, much better than it's CBF1000F big brother.

For us the power delivery was also 'just right', the inline four provided smooth and easy riding while filtering through lots of traffic, effortless cruising on the dual carriageway, and there was still plenty in reserve if you wanted a rush from a big twist of the throttle.

Currently the CBR650F is our most favourite of all the bikes we've tested as it feels like a bigger version of our current bikes.

2016 bought one!

Earlier than planned, I'm now the very happy owner of a CBR650F in white, which I have written about here.

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