2015 BMW F800 GT various seat heights available

extra-low seat height

2015 BMW F800 GT

The BMW F800 GT was released in 2013 as a replacement for the F800 ST. This new version aims to be a Grand Tourer, rather than a Sports Tourer and this can be noted by the higher handlebars, more forward-set footpegs, an adjustable screen and a bigger fairing, the latter being reported to have been designed to handle side-winds better.

For my test ride the dealership were kind enough to purchase the extra low seat, which is 762mm - the standard seat is 800mm (31.5"). There are other seat options available as per the list below. The extra low seat was certainly an advantage as I was almost about to flat-foot on both sides of the bike, however the down-side was that my bottom was lower down (obviously) which lead to me feeling a little scrunched up on the bike, despite my (lack of) height. The extra-low seat was comfortable and supportive, my partner who rode the F800 GT with the standard seat noted that the indentation in the extra low seat stopped you from sliding back on the bike.

You are upright on the bike and the seat and bars force you to have 'good posture', which is no bad thing, I felt high up and visible on the bike, which is different to my current bike. Wind protection is good and I didn't feel buffeted from the site, great for passing lorries. The F800 GT corners very nicely, quite natural, without much effort required. Throttle response is steady with no surprises, however the big parallel twin sounds very agricultural under acceleration (think petrol mower) and there is some vibration from the foot pegs, but nothing like those on the Kawasaki ER6-F.

BMW F800 seat options

Standard seat
  • Height of seat: 31.5 in, seated-arc length: 72 in.

Seat, low
  • Accessory seat (not available as a factory option)
  • Height of seat: 31 in, seated-arc length: 70.2 in.

Seat, extra low
  • Factory option or accessory.
  • Height of seat: 30 in, seated-arc length: 69 in.

Comfort seat
  • Factory option or accessory.
  • More comfortably padded and broader seat surface
  • .
  • Seated position slightly higher than standard seat.
  • Better for long tours in perfect touring comfort.
  • Height of seat: 32 in, seated-arc length: 74 in.

Comfort seat, high
  • Accessory seat only (not available as factory option).
  • Same seat width as comfort seat.
  • Comfortable padding (front seat even more padded than comfort seat).
  • Seated position considerably slightly higher than standard seat.
  • More comfort on account of comfortable angle of the knees.
  • More touring comfort, particularly for taller riders.
  • Height of seat: 33.3 in

Note: These seats will also fit the F800R, F800ST, and F800S.

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